About Me!


My name is Dos! I'm 22 and use they/them pronouns.
I'm a professional illustrator, though on a small break currently to get my life in order
I'll be applying for school in 2020, Majoring in Illustration/Minoring in Film
I'm really bad at abouts so there's not much for me to say
Some of my interests include Art, Video Games, Horror, Vampires, Cartoons, Anime, Dance, Bugs (Beetles are my favorite), And a bunch of other stuff!!

Some of my favorite video games are Pokemon, Minecraft, Professor Layton, Cookie Run, Katamari Damacy, and Animal Crossing! I like games where you can be creative! I'm a very creative person...I also really love older horror games.
Pokemon has always been my special interest for over 15 years now, and it will always hold a special place in my heart

Vampires are another special interest of mine (which normally seems to confuse people or weird people out..considering I don't look like someone who would be into horror or anything dark or scary) but vampires have also been a special interest of mine for a very long time. My best friend and I (11 years!!!!) have been doing an rp since 2011-2012? all about vampires! She's a writer and I'm an artist so I'd design all her characters! I'm gonna add a page on this site just for vampires ^^ I like to believe they're out there and one day I'll meet one... It's hard for me to read a lot of fiction stuff about vampires because I'm so into the lore and history...though one of my favorite movies and shows is what we do in the shadows! Please watch it...it's so good... Viago is my favorite from the movie... Lazlo and Guillermo are my favorites from the show!

My favorite season is Summer and Fall, My favorite holiday is Halloween, I plan to do ballet soon, Morning is my favorite time of day (If I'm able to wake up...), and my favorite kind of tea is Black tea with cream and sugar, my favorite treats are mochi!